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If you’re wondering where to find:

SWMC uploads a pdf of results to your onpatient chart “documents” folder; note that we don’t utilize the “Lab” tab in onpatient.

This is available through your onpatient portal.

You can schedule your follow up through your onpatient portal OR more simply through our website.

medication refill requests -

Go to your pharmacy webpage or download their app, login and search your medications and select “refill”.

This will will provide you instructions on how to upload files to onpatient.

Details for a SMOOTH visit

The devil is in the details

  • Parking

  • Security box/buzzer

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Information you submit using this form will be emailed to Seattle Women’s & Moms’ Clinic. Please be aware that e-mail is not a secure method of communicating confidential information. It is impossible to assure privacy of any communication by electronic means. If you are uncomfortable with this possible limitation to your privacy, please communicate by other means. To protect your more sensitive information, we offer a secure patient portal through onpatient. We also offer HIPAA compliant texting through OhMD, a site that makes uploading images and IDs/insurance cards, very easy. For more information, please read our Notice of Privacy Policies.