Well Woman Exams

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Depression & Anxiety

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Smoking Cessation

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Bisexual & Lesbian Health

Emergency Contraception

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Infertility Initial Eval & Referrals

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STD Counseling, Testing, & Treatment

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Breast Concerns: lumps, pain, discharge

Virtual Visits

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Painful Periods

UTI’s & Urinary Concerns

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Heavy Bleeding, Irregular Bleeding, & Missed Periods

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Vaginal Pain, Dryness

& Painful Sex

Low Libido/Sexual Desire

Contraception & Family Planning

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Menopause Hormone Therapy *formerly HRT

Adolescent Counseling Gynecology

IUD Insertions, Removals, EMBS (Endometrial Biopsies) & More

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Postpartum & Breastfeeding Contraception

Preconception Counseling

Services We Love To Provide To Our Patients

  • Birth control counseling & prescriptions

  • IUD and Nexplanon (implant) insertion and removal

  • Fertility Awareness Method

  • Emergency contraception counseling & prescriptions (Ella)

  • Breastfeeding care by IBCLC (international board certified lactation consultant)

  • Breast concerns (pain, lump, discharge) evaluation

  • Preconception counseling

  • Depression & Anxiety management

  • Annual exams and cervical cancer screenings (pap)

  • Menopause management and hormone replacement from menopause certified practitioner (NCMP)

  • Vaginal dryness & burning

  • Vaginal odor & discharge

  • Sleep concerns

  • Urinary tract infections (UTI) treatment

  • Urinary incontinence assessment & management

  • Management of menstrual concerns and pelvic pain;

  • Sexually transmitted infection (STI) screenings and treatment

  • PCOS evaluation and management

  • Adolescent gynecology counseling

  • Painful intercourse and sexual health management

  • Low libido evaluation and treatment

  • Lesbian, bisexual/pansexual, and transgender male healthcare

And More!

Virtual Visits

Like the idea of not having to leave home (or your office - if you have a private space) to complete a healthcare visit? We like the idea of our patients having access to convenient care… like when they’re having a UTI or a yeast infection, no need to spend hours at a walk-in-clinic, instead, text your provider through the HIPAA compliant texting app we utilize, and request a virtual visit for sometime in the next 24 hours. Then we’ll have you log in to the secure encrypted and HIPAA compliant online software to complete a visit.

Once WE’VE confirmed your appointment for a Virtual Visit (telemedicine), you will receive a password to use on the link below (HOW TO START VIRTUAL VISIT).

Insurance and telemedicine

In Washington, if your insurer covers “virtual visits” (telehealth/telemedicine), then it will be covered as an in-clinic visit, typically a 99215 or 99214.

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that your plan covers these visits, so it is your responsibility to contact your insurance company to confirm coverage.  We typically only offer virtual visits as follow up visits for our existing patients, but on the rare circumstances when we accommodate a new patient for a virtual visit, those are often a 99205 or a 99204 visit type.  If you are self-pay patient, you will be billed according to the self-pay plan you’ve been provided information on separately.