Seattle Women’s & Moms’ Clinic

3417 Evanston Ave N. Suite 318. Seattle, WA. 98103


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Building Parking Lot

There is free parking if you enter the building’s parking lot from North 35th St. It is a small lot, so if you’re hoping to secure a spot in this lot, you might need to allow extra time. Otherwise, there is plenty of 2 hour paid parking and some (limited) free street parking.

Entering Building

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Main Entrance

The main building entrance is on Evanston Ave N… 3417 Evanston Ave North.

There is no sign designating it as The Saturn Building - with the exception of the large saturn on the roof.

You won’t need to use the security box during business hours.

If for some reason the door is locked at your appointment time, check your appointment reminders texts which have the “after hours code”.

The security box if coming from parking lot is on far left, on wall (opposite wall from lab specimen boxes), then use the code you were informed of in appointment reminder.

once inside, take stairs or elevator to 3rd floor. we’re suite 318.