Lise Martin, ARNP, NCMP, IBCLC

Clinic Director and Provider

Meet Lise Martin, a family nurse practitioner that is passionate about the personal care she provides her patients and the impact she has to better her patient's lives.

She believes that working in women's health is a calling for her. She repeatedly hears from her patients that they feel a part of the decision making process for their care and empowered by her education on their conditions. It is likely her background and work prior to healthcare assists in an exceptional patient experience for Lise's patients; in addition to her Masters of Science in Nursing (MSN), she has a Masters of Arts in Education (MAT) and a Masters of Arts in Non-Profit Leadership (MNPL).

Lise Martin, ARNP photo.jpg

Lise has a strong attention to detail for patient care and believes that care is not only what happens in the exam room, but also the care prior to the visit, which helps maximize the time face-to-face between provider and patient to find the best health plan for the condition/concern.  In addition, she is passionate about the communications outside of the visit - the follow up phone calls, patient portal messages, or lab result explanations.

As a working mother of two daughters, she is understanding of challenges women face in getting care. For instance, it can be hard to explain to your male boss that you have severely painful periods and need to leave work early to see your gynecology provider to discuss treatment options; or it's difficult as a stay-at-home mother to wrangle all your kids to get them to the clinic so you can get treated for a yeast infection or mastitis.

For that, she has structured Seattle Women's and Moms' Clinic to be accessible to patients in multiple ways. Once her patients have had their initial visit at the clinic, for many conditions they can complete follow ups via virtual visits (telemedicine), as well as through phone calls/HIPAA compliant texting.  In addition, for existing patients, if they have a more urgent concern (for instance urinary tract infection symptoms) and cannot wait a day or two to be seen, they can contact her and she can set up a virtual visit outside of regular clinic business hours.

Since Lise's depth of clinical experience ranges from Planned Parenthood (an international non-profit) to ZoomCare (a Portland based start-up with Seattle satellite clinics) to the OB/Gynecology Department at The Everett Clinic (a formerly physician run large multi-speciality clinic), when she combines all of her rewarding experiences from those uniquely different organizations, she has developed a beautifully integrated clinic that is thorough, patient centered, and fiscally efficient.  

She has limited the overhead of the clinic, so her patient's expenses are focused on meaningful time with her, the provider, as opposed to a more traditional clinic model of receptionists, medical assistants, billing offices, human resources, marketing team, managers, and other site expenses, to name a few.  She works hard to ensure that the majority of her patient's insurance dollar is spent on actual patient care (time with provider, good clinical tools, effective patient handouts, and more).

She is a life learner.  Becoming a Family Nurse Practitioner wasn't enough for her…in addition to the highly achieved degree of ARNP, she has pursued further learning and has become uniquely certified as a NCMP, North American Menopause Society Certified Menopause Practitioner, as well as an IBCLC, International Board Certified Lactation Consultant.  

Stay tuned to see what other board certifications she earns to better her women's health knowledge.