Why onpatient?

We selected onpatient software, as it is rather intuitive for patient use and very progressive in it's features, providing a deeper and more efficient relationship between patient and provider.


Onpatient Patient Portal

This is where you will have access to:

  • clinic policies that need to be reviewed and signed prior to visit

  • your handouts, documents/records, and lab results

  • scheduling and securely communicating with your provider

Registering with onpatient

Onpatient invitation

Once we get you scheduled for your 1st appointment, we will authorize an invite for you to onpatient.  Onpatient will automatically send you an invitation to the email address you provided the clinic. 

Please note, this invitation has an expiration of 7 days from when it is sent.

How to use onpatient

Navigating the onpatient menu bar

Once you’ve activated your onpatient account, it will take you to the onpatient portal main screen. 

This main menu bar helps direct you to all aspects of the patient portal.  

Appointment section

  • shows future and past appointments

Doctors section

  • shows all of your providers that use the Dr.Chrono EMR system, including Lise Martin, ARNP of Seattle Women’s & Moms’ Clinic.

Billing section

  • This is where you can pay your bill online.

Messages section

  • You can send direct messages to your provider, Lise Martin, ARNP, through this tab. 

  • We suggest using this feature when attaching documents, like completed forms/pdfs that have been sent to you. 

  • Onpatient only allows one attachment at a time, so to attach multiple documents,  you will need to send multiple messages. 

  • For urgent or quick questions, we recommend using OhMD, which is reviewed/discussed with patients at their initial visit.

Documents section

  • Through onpatient, the clinic will send you secure documents that are stored in your onpatient account.  This can include patient education, as well as pdf’s of your lab results. To access these documents at any time, you can simply click on the “documents” tab in the main menu bar.

Health profile section

  • this is where you will see your “problems” (the medical terms used for insurance purposes relating to your diagnosis), as well as allergies, medications, and labs. 

Check-in for your appointment


Think of this as a virtual receptionist, where you can:

  • check in for your appointment prior to your visit

  • complete required forms

  • update your health information

To start, click the “check-in” button for your upcoming appointment. 

You will need to make sure you are logged in to the onpatient patient portal.

The process may take you 5-15 minutes to complete and please fill out all sections and upload a photo. This link has additional instructions provided by onpatient.

Scheduling an appointment in Onpatient

Onpatient book appointment.png

Start on the Appointment Section

  • From the appointment page, simply click on the far right button “book appointment”

How to schedule an appointment on Onpatient (for existing patients)