Personalized CARE.

Our mission and care philosophy is “personalized CARE”. We strive to provide care that is customized, accessible, relatable, and empowering.

We view women's health from a holistic perspective and see the interconnectedness of the mind-body connection for women.

Through countless workshops and trainings on effective communication and active listening, our provider (& clinic director) works to provide a safe and inviting place for patient's concerns, fears, and histories to be shared, heard, and honored. At SWMC, we truly work to educate our patients with a well rounded perspective on their health concerns, so they can be an active part of the decision making process.  

We feel the best relationship between provider and patient is an authentic relationship built on transparency, collaboration, trust and humor. Yes, humor. When working with women regarding very personal and sometimes socially "taboo" topics, we believe humor always helps to reduce stress and stimulate communication.

Seattle Women's and Moms’ Clinic PLLC is located in the Fremont Neighborhood of Seattle and strives to provide care in an innovative fashion, yet reclaiming and celebrating the best features of vintage medicine, such as longer visits, personal care in which provider and patient truly know each other, smaller clinic setting, direct access to provider (to name a few).  Some of our innovative features include HIPAA compliant texting for patients with their provider, virtual visits (for existing patients) so patients do not need to leave home or work for health care, Saturday appointments to help patients reduce missed work, online check-in - no waiting in line for a receptionist. 

We bring deep personalized care to all our patients.

Our provider, Lise Martin, ARNP has been practicing for over five years with comprehensive experience from her work at a national non-profit health clinic, a regional start-up health clinic, as well as in an OB/GYN department at a large multi-specialty private practice.  She is board certified as a Family Nurse Practitioner, but uniquely pursued additional certifications in lactation and menopause.  She is a NAMS (North American Menopause Society) Certified Menopause Practitioner (NCMP), as well as an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC).  Lise Martin, ARNP is on the pulse of evidence-based medicine, and continues to grow and adapt, as medicine constantly does, so that she can provide exceptional up-to-date care to her patients, and empower her patients to achieve health outcomes that will last for years to come.